Table 1

Periprocedural complications and outcome of intracranial stenting

StudiesDesignNumber of casesType of stentsMean agesMean or median follow-up (months)30-day stroke or death (%)Stroke or death beyond 30 days (%)
Gomez et al 200525 Retrospective12Coronary stent62.65.916.78.3
Mori et al 200027 Retrospective10Coronary stent68110
Levy et al 200128 Retrospective11Coronary stent63436.3
Jiang et al 200434 Retrospective40Coronary stent1010
SSYLVIA study investigators 200435 Multicentre prospective43Neurolink63.669.34.7
Yu et al 200536 Retrospective18Coronary stent6926.711.85.6
Chow et al 200537 Retrospective39Coronary stent1328.2
Kim et al 200538 Retrospective17Coronary stent6417125.9
Qureshi et al 200639 Retrospective18Drug-eluting stent57.814.35.65.6
Fiorella et al 200740 Retrospective44Coronary stent64.843.526.12.3
Jiang et al 200741 Retrospective213Coronary or Apollo52.8264.73.4
Kurre et al 201042 Multicentre registry243Not reported78.2
Bose et al 200743 Prospective, multicentre45Wingspan66134.54.6
Fiorella et al 200744 Retrospective78Wingspan63.696.1
Zaidat et al 200845 Multicentre registry129Wingspan64.
Wolfe et al 200946 Retrospective51Wingspan6314.682
Jiang et al 201047 Prospective,
single centre
Fiorella et al 201148 Multicentre registry158Wingspan62.714.28.2