Table 1

Characteristics of endovascular thrombectomy trials

TrialnumberOnset to arterial access windowAge limitsMean age enrolledNIHSS limitsMedian NIHSS enrolledProportion treated with alteplase (%)DeviceVessel occlusionImaging selectionGeneral anaesthesia (%)Onset to arterial access (min)Successful revascularisation (mTICI 2b/3) (%)
IMS 3656618–8269≥10 (or 8–9 if occlusion)17100Any approvedNot assessedNon-contrast CT3520841
MR CLEAN5006≥1865.8≥21889Any approved (82% stent retriever)ICA/M1/M2/A1/A2CT + CTA3826059
ESCAPE31612 (84% <6 h)≥1869.5≥61772Any approved (79% stent retriever, 61% Solitaire)ICA/M1/M1 equivalent (all M2s)CT+CTA/mCTA collateral scoring
EXTEND-IA706≥1869.4No limits15100SolitaireICA/M1/M2CT+CTA
SWIFT PRIME196618–80 (initially 18–85)65.7≥817100SolitaireICA/M1CT+CTA
+/−CTP or MRI
REVASCAT2068 (90%<6 h)18–80†66.5≥61773SolitaireICA/M1CT+CTA
  • CTA, CT angiography; CTP, CT perfusion; ICA, internal carotid artery; mCTA, multidetector CTA; NIHSS, National Institutes of Health Stroke Scale.