Table 1

Factors associated with physical activity or exercise after TIA or stroke

positive association
Weak/inconclusive associationProbable
negative association
Self-efficacyXYes64 70
Self-determination, goal achievementXYes64 70
Social supportXYes64
Supportive relationships with health professionalsXYes28 77 78
Infarct sideXNo
NeglectXMore evidence needed92
CognitionXMore evidence needed93 94
Logistic: weather, transportation, language, financial challengesXPartially70
Comorbidities, stroke-related deficitsXYes
Low cardiorespiratory fitnessXYes72 73
Negative PA/exercise beliefsXMore evidence needed69 84 95
Fear of fallingXMore evidence needed31–34
Fatigue, low motivationXMore evidence needed36 41–43
DepressionXYes47 61–63
  • PA, physical activity; TIA, transient ischaemic attack.