Table 3

Meta-regression for the impact of sample size on pooled results

Risk factorsExp(b)SEtp>t95% CIAdjusted R(%)
Age1.070.210.360.7230.71 to 1.61−28.75
Atrial fibrillation1.220.590.410.6910.42 to 3.56−53.25
Previous stroke1.400.760.630.5470.41 to 4.76−50.87
Previous antiplatelet1.860.881.300.2340.60 to 5.710
NIHSS1. to 1.390
Systolic pressure0.930.24−0.290.7800.52 to 1.64−15.01
Diastolic pressure0.990.25−0.050.9590.56 to 1.75−25.21
Serum glucose5.646.121.590.1550.43 to 73.4317.55
  • NIHSS, National Institute of Health stroke scale.