Table 4

Risk factors associated with death in the Cox regression among the first-ever stroke survivors

FactorsHR95% CIP value
Age1.081.06 to 1.100.000
Insomnia1.661.10 to 2.480.01
Sex1.200.73 to 1.880.45
Smoking0.970.63 to 1.510.90
Marital status1.370.59 to 3.150.45
Living arrangement0.630.21 to 1.900.42
Depression0.890.59 to 1.350.58
Illiteracy1.780.97 to 3.720.45
Primary education0.830.51 to 1.360.62
Hypertension1.621.04 to 2.530.04
Hyperlipidaemia0.710.42 to 1.210.21
Diabetes mellitus1.270.82 to 1.980.29
Diagnoses0.940.55 to 1.610.82
Stroke recurrence at 1-year follow-up2.531.48 to 4.310.001
NHISS score1.030.98 to 1.080.21
  • Smoking status, with or without a history of smoking. Diagnoses include ischaemic stroke and haemorrhagic stroke.

  • NIHSS, the first National Institutes of Health Stroke Scale.