Table 1

Univariate analysis of baseline characteristics, inhospital treatments, medical complications and discharge outcomes among patients with prestroke SSRI use

SSRI use n=740No SSRI use n=3741P value
 Age, years, mean (SD)68.24 (14.52)68.58 (15.45)0.58
 Female gender (%)55.742.5<0.001
 Length of stay, days, mean (SD)6.34 (5.59)6.10 (6.74)0.37
Location at stroke onset (%)0.01
 Not in a healthcare setting86.585.5
 Acute care facility5.58.6
 Chronic healthcare facility3.01.9
 Outpatient setting0.40.6
 After hospital arrival2.41.8
Race (%)0.002
 Hispanic ethnicity (%)
Insurance (%)0.29
Medical history (%)
 No medical history8.211.10.02
 Atrial fibrillation19.520.70.46
 Coronary artery disease21.620.90.67
 Carotid stenosis3.13.70.44
 Diabetes mellitus28.823.20.001
 Family history of stroke2.61.40.02
 Heart failure6.46.30.96
 Previous stroke21.512.6<0.001
 Previous transient ischaemic attack6.94.10.001
 Renal insufficiency3.83.40.56
Clinical characteristics
 Ambulate at admission (%)84.386.80.08
 Heart rate, bpm, mean (SD)79.02 (17.47)79.23 (17.57)0.80
 NIHSS, median (IQR)5 (2–10)4 (1–11)0.06
Initial exam finding (%)
 Altered mental status12.412.20.82
 Other neurological symptoms15.114.10.48
Admission laboratory data, mean (SD)
 Cholesterol, mg/dL166.57 (47.73)165.33 (48.25)0.53
 Triglyceride, mg/dL127.94 (74.54)123.75 (77.44)0.19
 High-density lipoprotein, mg/dL45.75 (15.66)45.84 (15.19)0.89
 Low-density lipoprotein, mg/dL94.09 (35.59)94.54 (37.44)0.77
 Haemoglobin A1c, %6.21 (1.24)6.13 (1.23)0.15
 Fasting blood glucose, mg/dL132.57 (49.23)131.95 (50.31)0.79
 International normalised ratio1.20 (0.59)1.18 (0.64)0.65
Treatments and complications (%)
 Intravenous tPA at our hospital5.76.40.43
 Intravenous tPA outside our hospital18.415.00.02
 Intra-arterial therapy4.74.60.95
 Symptomatic intracranial haemorrhage0.71.40.12
 Urinary tract infection7.27.8<0.001
Ambulatory status at discharge<0.001
 Ambulate independently40.450.5
 Ambulate with assistance41.131.0
 Unable to ambulate12.211.5
Discharge destination<0.001
 Rehabilitation facility46.136.1
 Skilled nursing facility6.64.1
  • bpm, beats per minute; ND, not determined; NIHSS, National Institutes of Health Stroke Scale; SSRI, selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors; tPA, tissue plasminogen activator.