Table 3

Inverse-probability weighting (IPW) analysis to show the effect of IVT, NWU and ASPECTS on sICH

sICHATE95% CIP value
IVT (unadjusted)+12.4%−0.14 to 26.30.08
IVT (adjusted*)+16.8%5.3 to 28.4<0.01
Low ASPECTS (median)+9.8%−0.05 to 24.30.03
High NWU (median)+17.5%4.9 to 30.1<0.01
IVT in high NWU+36.1%11.2 to 61.0<0.01
IVT in low ASPECTS+48.2%23.8 to 72.5<0.001
IVT in high ASPECTS+4.9%−0.05 to 15.00.34
IVT in low NWU+3.4%−0.03 to 9.970.30
  • *Adjusted for age, NIHSS, NWU, ASPECTS and recanalisation status.

  • ASPECTS, Alberta Stroke Program Early CT Score; ATE, average treatment effect; IVT, intravenous thrombolysis with alteplase; NIHSS, National Institute of Health Stroke Scale; NWU, net water uptake; sICH, symptomatic intracerebral haemorrhage.