Table 1

Imaging parameters of the standardised multicontrast MR-VWI protocol

Black bloodNoneQIRMDIRMSDE
Repeat time, ms2080048008.8
Echo time, ms4.910505.3
Flip angle (°)20909015
Field of view, cm14×1414×1414×1414×14
Scan planeAxialAxialAxialAxial
Slice thickness, mm1221
  • FFE, fast field echo; MDIR, multislice double inversion recovery; MP-RAGE, magnetisation-prepared gradient recalled echo; MR-VWI, magnetic resonance vessel wall imaging; MSDE, motion sensitised-driven equilibrium; QIR, quadruple inversion recovery; TOF, time-of-flight; TSE, turbo spin echo; T1W, T1-weighted; T2W, T2-weighted.