Table 3

Comparisons of bilateral plaque burden in patients with BCPs (N=540)

Mean±SD or n (%)P value
Left carotid arteryRight carotid artery
Mean lumen area, mm2 44.6±15.241.2±14.50.001
Mean wall area, mm2 35.3±12.134.3±11.90.025
Mean total vessel area, mm2 80.0±21.275.5±20.70.001
Mean wall thickness, mm1.3±0.41.3±0.40.905
Normalised wall index, %44.5±9.445.6±9.60.006
Moderate-to-severe stenosis100 (18.5)83 (15.4)0.168
  • The mean lumen area and the mean total vessel area of the left carotid artery were significantly larger than those of the right carotid artery in symptomatic patients with BCPs.

  • BCPs, concurrent bilateral carotid plaques.