Table 5

Comparison of concurrent vulnerable plaque components bilaterally in symptomatic patients with BCPs

Mean±SDP value
Left carotid arteryRight carotid artery
Volume of calcification, mm3 25.3±48.524.62±52.480.146
Volume of LRNC, mm3 108.9±171.9114.1±183.90.337
Volume of IPH, mm3 148.4±168.387.5±106.00.011*
Max %LRNC, %23±1824±190.242
  • *P<0.05.

  • BCPs, concurrent bilateral carotid plaques; IPH, intraplaque haemorrhage; LRNC, lipid-rich necrotic core; Max %LRNC, maximum per cent LRNC area.