Table 3

Area of under curve (AUC), cut-off value, sensitivity, specificity, Yonden Index for EMVs and EMV-miR-125a-5p in IS

ItemsAUCCut-off valueSensitivity (%)Specificity (%)Youden Index
EMVs0.720>2.389×109/ mL85630.389
EMV-miR-125a-5p0.832<0.0002639 nmol/L7682.50.4296
  • MiR-125a-5p enrichment promoted the effects of Control EMVs and n-EMVs on decreasing CBF reduction, infarct volume and NDS, while IS EMVs and OGD-EMVs had detrimental effects.

  • CBF, cerebral blood flow; EMVs, endothelial microvesicles; IS, ischaemic stroke; NDS, Neurological Deficit Score.