Table 1

Demographic and clinical characteristics of the patients who had a ischaemic stroke with and without decreased LVEF after stroke

ParameterDecreased EF (n=40)Normal EF (n=191)P value
Age (years), median (IQR)71.5 (58.3–79.8)67 (55–76)n.s.*
NIHSS score, median (IQR)13 (10.0–19.5)14 (7.0–18.0)n.s.*
MBP on admission (mm Hg), median (IQR)108.7 (96.5–117.3)113.5 (101.7–126.5)n.s.*
LVEF, n (%)45 (40–50)60 (55–60)<0.001*
Troponin I >0.1 ng/mL, n (%)7 (17.5)8 (4.2)0.006†
Wall motion abnormalities, n (%)17 (42.5)10 (5.2)<0.001†
Atrial fibrillation, n (%)24 (60.0)50 (26.2)<0.001†
Infarct volume (mL), median (IQR)53.8 (16.8–147.6)30.0 (6.4–104.7)0.042*
  • *Mann–Whitney U test.

  • †Fisher’s exact test.

  • EF, ejection fraction; LVEF, left ventricular ejection fraction; MBP, mean blood pressure; M/F, male-to-female ratio; NIHSS, National Institutes of Health Stroke Scale; n.s., not significant.