Table 2

Clinical characteristics of the patients harbouring GGC repeat expansion in NOTCH2NLC

PatientSexAge at onsetRepeat numberInitial symptomsDurationCerebrovascular accidentMuscle weaknessSensory disturbance
StrokeRisk factorsFamily history/stroke
1M6298Dizziness1 YearHHcy
2F6692Dizziness1 YearCI, ICHHTN
3F6465Dizziness10 YearsHTN, HL+
4M6257Weakness of the limb2 MonthsCIHL, DM++
5M3750Speech impairment2 MonthsCIHTN, HHcy+
6F4846Dizziness, Headache10 DaysHTN
7M6343Speech impairment4 MonthsCI+
8F6742Speech impairment,
Weakness of the limb
5 MonthsCIHTN, HHcy, CAD+
9M6541Dizziness6 DaysHTN, HHcy
  • ‘–’ indicates absent and ‘+’ indicates present.

  • CAD, coronary artery disease; CI, cerebral infarction; DM, diabetes mellitus; F, female; HHcy, hyperhomocysteinaemia; HL, hyperlipaemia; HTN, hypertension; ICH, intracerebral haemorrhage; M, male.;