Table 1

Differences in clinical and biochemical parameters between CSW versus SIADH

Body weightsame or ↓
Extracellular volume
Signs or symptoms of dehydrationpresentabsent
Central venous pressuresame or ↑
Plasma sodium
Urine sodium
Net sodium lossnormal
Urine outputnormal or ↑
Serum osmolality
Urine osmolality
Blood urea nitrogennormal or ↑
Plasma AVP
Haematocritnormal or ↑
Plasma aldosteronenormal or ↑
Plasma reninnormal, ↑ or ↓
TreatmentSalt supplementation and fluid replacementFluid restriction
  • *increased; ↓, decreased.

  • AVP, antidiuretic hormone vasopressin; CSW, cerebral salt wasting syndrome; SIADH, syndrome of inappropriate antidiuretic hormone.