Table 3

Death rates of six main diseases in the second (1990–1992) and the third survey of the causes of death (2004–2005) in China

DiseaseDeath rateAge-standardised* ratePercentage in all deathsDiseaseDeath rateAge-standardised* ratePercentage in all deaths
1Diseases of the respiratory system137.52115.4722.79Cerebrovascular disease136.6481.1922.45
2Malignant neoplasms108.2694.2217.94Malignant neoplasms135.8891.2422.32
3Cerebrovascular disease101.9384.5416.89Diseases of the respiratory system96.2856.2715.81
4Injury and poisoning66.1661.4410.97Heart disease90.2352.214.82
5Heart disease52.7043.848.73Injury and poisoning61.5149.4810.10
6Diseases of the digestive system30.3726.55.03Diseases of the digestive system16.7811.142.76
  • *Age-standardised by China census population 1982.