Table 2

Univariable and multivariable analyses of risk factors associated with short-term LD

OR95% CIP valueOR95% CIP value
Age1.020.99 to 1.050.219
Male0.730.36 to 1.500.393
LD history3.971.34 to 11.750.013*4.841.48 to 15.820.009*
Size1.031.01 to 1.060.013*1.041.01 to 1.070.007*
Haemorrhage0.920.47 to 1.810.812
AChA feeding6.031.25 to 29.060.025*4.800.92 to 24.940.062
PChA feeding3.110.58 to 16.650.184
LLSA feeding1.050.38 to 2.920.920
DV drainage1.730.52 to 5.760.371
Diffuse nidus2.581.09 to 6.110.032*
S-M grading1.180.76 to 1.830.452
Segment I involvement0.500.24 to 1.020.055
Segment II involvement3.971.34 to 11.750.013*3.651.13 to 11.760.030*
Segment III involvement1.830.92 to 3.630.085
Segment IV involvement0.610.25 to 1.490.273
  • Age, size, and S-M grading are continuous variables, and the other variables are dichotomous variables.

  • *P<0.05.

  • AChA, anterior choroidal artery; DV, deep venous; LD, language deficit; LLSA, lateral lenticulostriate artery; PChA, posterior choroidal artery; S-M, Spetzler-Martin.