Table 3

Univariable and multivariable analyses of risk factors associated with long-term LD

OR95% CIP valueOR95% CIP value
Age1.051.01 to 1.100.028*1.081.01 to 1.150.023*
Male1.950.52 to 7.370.325
LD history13.333.91 to 45.46<0.001*19.623.47 to 110.980.001*
Size1.010.97 to 1.040.800
Haemorrhage6.741.45 to 31.390.015*
AChA feeding10.652.71 to 41.780.001*31.684.28 to 234.630.001*
PChA feeding0.000.00 to 0.000.999
LLSA feeding5.051.45 to 17.530.011*
DV drainage1.850.36 to 9.450.460
Diffuse nidus1.620.47 to 5.600.449
S-M grading1.230.62 to 2.450.553
Segment I involvement0.910.29 to 2.870.866
Segment II involvement9.082.72 to 30.32<0.001*19.153.04 to 120.690.002*
Segment III involvement0.650.20 to 2.040.455
Segment IV involvement1.910.55 to 6.660.313
  • *P<0.05.

  • AChA, anterior choroidal artery; DV, deep venous; LD, language deficit; LLSA, lateral lenticulostriate artery; PChA, posterior choroidal artery; S-M, Spetzler-Martin.