Table 4

Association between coexisting atherosclerotic diseases and ipsilateral ACI

Coexisting intracranial artery stenosis ≥50% andPresence of ipsilateral ACI
Univariate regressionMultivariate regression*
OR95% CIP valueOR95% CIP value
Carotid stenosis ≥50%2.0140.627 to 6.4770.2401.3190.359 to 4.8450.677
Carotid MWT ≥1 mm5.0432.378 to 10.694<0.0014.3131.937 to 9.601<0.001
Carotid calcification3.8641.723 to 8.6640.0013.6061.513 to 8.5930.004
Carotid LRNC2.8031.455 to 5.4010.0022.3581.166 to 4.7690.017
Carotid IPH1.8970.418 to 8.6050.4071.4740.269 to 8.0780.655
Carotid HRP1.4180.403 to 4.9920.5861.2940.311 to 5.3740.723
  • *Adjusted for confounding factors of age, gender, body mass index, hypertension, diastolic blood pressure, high-density lipoprotein, total cholesterol, smoking and diabetes. The regression analysis for coexisting intracranial artery stenosis ≥50% and carotid FCR (fibrous cap rupture) was not applicable due to very few cases.

  • ACI, acute cerebral infarct; HRP, high-risk plaque; IPH, intraplaque haemorrhage; LRNC, lipid-rich necrotic core; MWT, mean wall thickness.