Table 3

Results of the multicollinearity test and univariable and multivariable logistic regression analyses for first-pass effect

VariableVIFOR95% CIP value
Univariable logistic regression analysis
 Age (per 1 year increase)1.3771.0060.985 to 1.0260.588
 Initial CT ASPECTS (per 1-point increase)1.2231.1100.946 to 1.3030.192*
 Baseline NIHSS score (per 1-point increase)1.3451.0000.961 to 1.0410.988
 Onset to puncture time (per 1 min increase)1.2370.9990.997 to 1.0010.302
 Use of intravenous tPA1.2691.1990.706 to 2.0370.501
 Use of general anaesthesia1.7950.8340.494 to 1.4090.497
 Carotid T occlusion1.1641.0820.617 to 1.8990.783
 MCA M1 occlusion†1.2680.753 to 2.1360.372
 MCA M2 occlusion1.1900.5510.259 to 1.1730.122*
 Atherothrombotic origin1.2870.6310.274 to 1.4520.279
 Cardioembolic origin†1.1510.676 to 1.9580.605
 Other origin1.1780.2880.033 to 2.5080.260
 Undetermined origin1.2651.2270.677 to 2.2250.501
 Stroke centre 1†1.2150.717 to 2.0590.470
 Stroke centre 22.0170.8230.486 to 1.3950.470
 Use of Aperio1.8800.4950.228 to 1.0780.077*
 Use of Catch1.2811.0830.419 to 2.7990.870
 Use of Embotrap1.2870.5250.198 to 1.3940.196*
 Use of pREset†1.0510.619 to 1.7820.854
 Use of Trevo2.1151.8011.012 to 3.2050.046*
 Use of Catalyst 5†0.5770.325 to 1.0250.061*
 Use of Catalyst 62.2990.6980.398 to 1.2240.210
 Use of Catalyst 72.2842.3301.352 to 4.0170.002*
Multivariable logistic regression analysis
 Initial CT ASPECTS1.1690.985 to 1.3880.074
 MCA M2 occlusion0.5950.269 to 1.3160.200
 Use of Aperio0.5140.220 to 1.2010.124
 Use of Embotrap0.4200.141 to 1.2530.120
 Use of Trevo1.3830.729 to 2.6230.321
 Use of catalyst 50.8840.443 to 1.7650.727
 Use of catalyst 7 2.336 1.191 to 4.581 0.014
  • Numbers marked in bold indicate statistically significant differences (P<0.05) in the multivariable analysis.

  • *Variables with P<0.20 in univariable analysis were included in the multivariable analysis.

  • †Independent variables excluded from multicollinearity test (predicted from one or more of the other independent variables).

  • ASPECTS, Alberta Stroke Program Early CT Score; eTICI, expanded thrombolysis in cerebral ischaemia; MCA, middle cerebral artery; NIHSS, National Institutes of Health Stroke Scale; tPA, tissue-type plasminogen activator; VIF, variance inflation factor.