Table 3

Patterns of in-hospital investigation, procedures and medications by stroke type

(n=13 270)(n=9292)(n=3424)(n=554)
Type of ward admitted (%)
 Stroke unit20.321.118.719.1
 Neurosurgery ward2.
 General medicine68.573.059.845.7
Length of stay among survivors (days; %)
 Mean (SD)17.8 (11.7)16.6 (11.2)20.8 (12.4)19.1 (11.6)
Specific investigation (%)
 24 hours BP monitor20.316.228.536.6
 Holter monitor22.918.531.343.3
 Digital subtraction angiography5.64.12.647.5
 Cervical ultrasound32.
 Transcranial Doppler23.631.25.38.5
 Cervical CTA/MRA5.
 Cerebral CTA/MRA24.229.89.323.3
Surgery/procedure given (%)
 Carotid endarterectomy0.1
Medication (%)
 Any antiplatelet88.4
 Antihypertensive medicines47.943.062.043.9
 Dehydrant medicines47.328.192.092.1
 Traditional Chinese medicine59.770.636.320.4
  • *Restricted to patients admitted to hospital ward.

  • BP, blood pressure; CTA, CT angiography; ICH, intracerebral haemorrhage; ICU, intensive care unit; IS, ischaemic stroke; MRA, magnetic resonance angiogram; SAH, subarachnoid haemorrhage.