Table 1

Aneuryms size, location and antiplatelet regimen

Patient numberLocationLateralityNeck width (mm)Fundus width (mm)Fundus height (mm)Clinical presentationInitial mRSDaily APT prior treatment (mg)Daily APT after treatment (mg)
1AcomAMidline5412Incidental01×100 ASA1×100 ASA
2AcomAMidline556,5Incidental02×100 ASA2×100 ASA
3AcomAMidline5.35.53.5Incidental02×100 ASA
2×150 Dabigatran
2×100 ASA
2×150 Dabigatran
4MCAL7.51412Incidental0500 ASA500 ASA
5MCAR4.889Incidental02×100 ASA2×100 ASA
6Basilar tipMidline5.77.58.7Incidental12×100 ASA2×100 ASA
7MCAR7.11112Incidental12×100 ASA2×100 ASA
*2×90 Ticagrelor
8MCAR710.59.5Incidental02×100 ASA2×100 ASA
9MCAR3.63.54Incidental02×100 ASA2×100 ASA
10PcomAR456Incidental02×100 ASA2×100 ASA
11AcomAMidline4.444.6Incidental01×500 ASA2×100 ASA
12Basilar tipMidline8912Incidental02×100 ASA2×100 ASA
13AcomAL666.5Incidental02×100 ASA2×100 ASA
14MCAR5.65.69.9Incidental12×100 ASA2×100 ASA
15MCAR2.32.63Incidental12×100 ASA2×100 ASA
  • *added for the reconstruction of the dissected ICA

  • AcomA, anterior communicating artery; APT, antiplatelet therapy; ASA, acetylsalicylic acid; L, left; MCA, middle cerebral artery; PcomA, posterior communicating artery; R, right.