Table 2

Risk of subarachnoid haemorrhage according to the presence of diabetes mellitus

GroupParticipants (n)Patient-years at riskEvents (n)Estimated event rates (95% CI)*Sex and age-adjusted modelFully adjusted model†
Adjusted HR (95% CI)P valueAdjusted HR (95% CI)P value
Non-diabetes381 4064 435 09596221.69 (20.34 to 23.11)1 (ref)1 (ref)
Diabetes40 362448 9987717.15 (13.53 to 21.43)0.73 (0.58 to 0.93)0.0100.68 (0.53 to 0.86)<0.001
  • Adjusted HR (95% CI) and p values are derived by multivariate Cox proportional hazards regression models for subarachnoid haemorrhage.

  • *Rate per 100 000 person-years.

  • †Adjusted for age, sex, systolic blood pressure, body mass index, total cholesterol, household income, lifestyle habits (exercise, smoking, alcohol), antihypertensive agents, statins, interaction between systolic blood pressure and antihypertensive agents and interaction between total cholesterol and statins.