Table 2

Multivariable regression analysis between intravenous tissue plasminogen activator (IV-rt PA) and influential factors

ParameterEstimate (β)Standardised (β)SEt ratioP value*
Per capita GRP (¥ 10 000)2.370.230.1614.92<0.001
Stroke centre type (PSC as reference group)3.770.060.983.85<0.001
Neurologists number0.<0.001
Providing emergence service for neurological treatment (no (0) as reference group)7.430.043.022.460.014
Presence of ED (no (0) as reference group)
Cooperating with emergency centre (no (0) as reference group)4.650.
Year: 2016 (2015 as reference group)−3.71−0.061.44−2.580.010
Year: 20184.440.071.403.160.002
Year: 20197.790.131.455.38<0.001
  • r2=0.11; p<0.0001.

  • *Variables were selected by using backward stepwise model selection method. VIF of each variable in this model is around 1, which indicates no multicollinearity issue. (online supplement table 1)

  • ED, emergency department; GRP, gross regional product; PSC, primary stroke centre.