Table 3

Published studies of adipose-derived stem cell derived exosome in ischaemic stroke

AnimalsStroke modelTime of treatmentRoutes of exosome deliveryExosome modificationsProposed mechanismsRef
Rat50 min tMCAO3 hours after ischaemiaIntravenouslyNoAnti-inflammation, anti-apoptosis155
RattMCAOImmediately after ischaemiaTail veinEnriched with miR-30d-5pReduce autophagy and inflammation, and promote microglia M2 polarisation105
RattMCAONot mentionedIntravenouslyEnriched with miR-126Promote neurogenesis, angiogenesis, anti-inflammation104
Rat1 hour tMCAO3 days before ischaemiaLateral cerebral ventricle injectionLoaded with pigment epithelium-derived factorPromote autophagy156
  • tMCAO, transient middle cerebral artery occlusion.