Table 1

Characteristics of patients with COVID-19 and AIS

Patient characteristicsn (%)
Risk factors
 Hypertension18 (90)
 Diabetes13 (65)
 Hyperlipidaemia8 (40)
 Obesity17 (85)
 Cancer3 (15)
 Smoking5 (25)
 Prior stroke2 (10)
 Prior atrial fibrillation1 (5)
Stroke characteristics
 LVO11 (55)*
 Large-vessel stenosis5 (25)
 Normal CTA4 (20)
 CTA not done1 (5)
 IV tPA received4 (20)
 IV tPA not received16 (80)
  Delay in arrival11
  Transfers for endovascular procedure3
  Very low NIHSS for tPA2
 Mechanical thrombectomy4 (20)†
Angioplasty1 (5)
 Atrial fibrillation2 (10)
  New onset1
  Prior history1
 Heart failure3 (15)
  Acute on chronic1
  New onset—acute2
 Left atrial enlargement on echocardiography or electrocardiography3 (15)
Presumed stroke mechanism
 Large artery atherosclerosis5 (20)
 Cardioembolic2 (10)
 Small vessel stroke1 (5)
 Arterial dissection1 (5)
 Cryptogenic2 (10)
 Incomplete work up9 (45)
 Recurrent strokes 2
  Same arterial territory2
 Haemorrhagic conversion 5‡
Characteristics of COVID-19 infection in stroke patients
Reason for testing for SARS-CoV-2 infection
 Respiratory symptoms at presentation14
 CXR/CTA findings4
 Screening for endovascular procedure2
Intensive care admission6
Highest oxygen requirement
 Mechanical ventilation10 (DNI status—4)
 BiPAP/high flow1
 Nasal canula/face mask/non-rebreather mask5
 Death10 (50)
 Acute rehab5 (25)
 Subacute rehab1 (5)
 Home3 (15)
 Hospice1 (5)
  • *One patient had both LVO and high-grade stenosis and therefore was included in both categories.

  • †All interventions successful, except for one case of basilar thrombus with difficult access due to bilateral vertebral occlusion.

  • ‡Asymptomatic HT1 and HT2 haemorrhage.

  • AIS, acute ischaemic stroke; BiPAP, Bilevel Positive Airway Pressure; CTA, CT angiogram; CXR, Chest X-ray; DNI, Do Not Intubate; HT, Hemorrhagic Transformation; ICA, internal carotid artery; IV, intravenous; LVO, large-vessel occlusion; MODS, multiorgan dysfunction syndrome; NIHSS, National Institute of Health Stroke Scale; tPA, tissue plasminogen activator.