Table 3

Specifications of guideline-recommended performance measures

Performance measure of IS carePerformance measure definition for eligible patients*
Acute performance measures
 Intravenous rtPA <4.5 hoursIntravenous rtPA in patients who arrive within 3.5 hours after initial symptom onset and treated within 4.5 hours
 Endovascular treatment <6 hoursMechanical endovascular reperfusion therapy for acute IS caused by arterial occlusion of proximal anterior circulation within 6 hours after admission
 Early antithromboticsAntithrombotic therapy prescribed within 2 days of hospitalisation, including antiplatelet or anticoagulant therapy
 DVT prophylaxisPatients at risk for DVT (non-ambulatory) who underwent DVT prophylaxis by the end of hospital day 2, including pneumatic compression, warfarin sodium, heparin sodium or new oral anticoagulants
 Dysphagia screeningDysphagia screening prior to any oral intake
 Rehabilitation assessmentAssessed for stroke rehabilitation services
Performance measures at discharge
 Antithrombotic medicationAntithrombotic therapy prescribed at discharge
 Anticoagulation for AFAnticoagulation prescribed at discharge for patients with AF or atrial flutter documented during the hospitalisation
 Antihypertensive medicines for patients with hypertensionAntihypertension medication prescribed at discharge for patients with history of hypertension disease or hypertension disease documented during the hospitalisation
 Hypoglycaemic medication for diabetes mellitusHypoglycaemic medication prescribed at discharge for patients with history of diabetes mellitus or diabetes mellitus documented during the hospitalisation
 Statin for lowering LDL≥100 mg/dLStatin prescribed at discharge if LDL≥100 mg/dL, if patient treated with lipid-lowering agent prior to admission, or LDL not documented, hypoglycaemic medication for diabetes mellitus
 Smoking cessationSmoking cessation intervention (counselling or medication) prior to discharge for current or recent smokers
 Stroke educationStroke education provided to patient and/or caregiver, including all five components: modifiable risk factors, stroke warning sign and symptoms, how to activate emergency medical services, need for follow-up and medications prescribed
  • *Eligible patients are those without any medical contraindications (eg, treatment intolerance, excessive risk of adverse reaction, patient/family refusal, or terminal illness/comfort care only) documented as reasons for non-treatment for each of the applicable measures. Acute performance measures, except for the rtPA measure, exclude patients who died before the end of day 2 of the hospital stay. Performance measures at discharge exclude patients who died during hospitalisation.

  • AF, atrial fibrillation; DVT, deep vein thrombosis; IS, ischaemic stroke; LDL, low-density lipoprotein; rtPA, recombinant tissue plasminogen activator.