Table 3

Multivariate regression models for comparing carotid plaque features

Multivariate model 1Multivariate model 2
β or OR*95% CIP valueβ or OR*95% CIP value
Carotid morphology
 Mean lumen area, mm2 6.21−0.03 to 12.450.051
 Mean wall area, mm2 6.722.28 to 11.170.003
 Mean total vessel area, mm2 12.945.24 to 21.510.001
 Mean wall thickness, mm0.14−0.02 to 0.290.076
 Mean normalised wall index, %1.28−2.46 to 5.010.499
Presence of plaque components
 Calcification1.150.48 to 2.790.7541.020.35 to 2.920.977
 Lipid-rich necrotic core1.540.64 to 3.700.3311.100.37 to 3.300.861
  • Model 1 adjusting for age, sex, body mass index, history of smoking and diabetes. Model 2 further adjusting for the factors in model 1 and mean normalised wall index.

  • *Values are the difference in plaque measurements between northern and southern subjects using the linear regression slope (β) for continuous measurements (plaque morphology) or the logistic regression OR for binary measurements (presence of plaque components).