Table 2

Carotid plaque morphological and compositional characteristics

Mean±SD, n (%) or medianP value*
Northern subjects
Southern subjects
Carotid morphology
 Mean lumen area, mm2 57.7±14.950.4±18.30.009
 Mean wall area, mm2 38.4±13.131.9±11.7<0.001
 Mean total vessel area, mm2 96.1±20.282.4±22.70.001
 Mean wall thickness, mm1.25±0.431.13±0.400.019
 Mean normalised wall index, %40.7±9.540.2±10.40.489
 Luminal stenosis ≥50%5 (7.9)5 (8.9)>0.99
Presence of plaque components
 Calcification24 (38.1)23 (41.1)0.740
 Lipid-rich necrotic core38 (60.3)31 (55.4)0.584
 Intraplaque haemorrhage9 (14.3)3 (5.4)0.106
 Luminal surface disruption7 (11.1)4 (7.1)0.456
 High-risk plaque13 (20.6)6 (10.7)0.140
Volume of plaque components†
 Calcification, mm3
 Lipid-rich necrotic core, mm3 29.436.20.629
  • *P values are Mann-Whitney U test or χ2 test between northern and southern subjects.

  • †Only subjects with the corresponding component present were included in the comparison.