Table 3

Summary of the published mechanical thrombectomy cases performed in the paediatric age group

AuthorsAgeSexNIHSSThrombus locationTreatment deviceFlow restorationClinical outcome
Vega et al 44 11M16R M1 segment of MCATrevo stent+PenumbraY—TICI 2 cNIHSS 7, 9 days post-op
Huded et al 45 6M15Both vertebral arteries+basilar arterySolitaire stentY—TICI 2 c/3NIHSS 0 at discharge, non-ambulatory at 3 months
Savastano et al 46 22 monthsFNABasilar arterySolitaire stentY—TICI 3Neurologically intact
Stidd and Lopes47 2MNAR M1 segment of MCATrevoY—TICI 2bImprovement in hemiplegia, mild deficit in left hand and facial droop at 30 days
Ladner et al 48 5M22Basilar arterySolitaire stentY—TICI 2bNIHSS 0 at 6 weeks
Sainz de la Maza et al 49 12F18R M1 segment of MCASolitaire stentY—TICI 2 cNIHSS 1 at 3 months
Bodey et al 40 10M27Basilar arteryReviveY—TICI 3Left hemiparesis and impaired cognition at 6 months, mRS 3
5M29Basilar arterySolitaire stentY—TICI 3Ataxia at 6 months, mRS 2
6M28Basilar arterySolitaire stentY—TICI 2bNo motor deficit, mRS 0
15M21L MCASolitaire stentNA—TICI 3?No deficit, mRS 0 at 6 months
Dubedout et al 50 7M20Basilar arteryCapture stentY—TICI 3NIHSS 0 at discharge
Fink et al 51 116Basilar arterySolitaireY—TICI 3Slight dysarthria at 3 months
Xavier et al 52 1611R ICAPenumbra+Wingspan stentNANIHSS 1 at 3 months
Huded et al 45 7M17R ICASolitaire stent+PenumbraY—TICI 2aNIHSS 2 at 3 months
9F17L ICASolitaire stent+PenumbraY—TICI 2bNIHSS 1 at 3 months
Grunwald et al 53 16F36Basilar arteryPenumbraY—TICI 3NIHSS 23 at 1 month
7M26L ICAPenumbraY—TICI 3NIHSS 0 at 1 month
16F26L M1 segment of MCAPhenox stentPartial recanalisationNIHSS 0 at 1 month
Weiner et al 38 15M9R ICA terminusPenumbraY—TICI 3NIHSS 1
  • ICA, internal carotid artery; MCA, middle cerebral artery; mRS, modified Rankin Scale; NA, not applicable; NIHSS, National Institutes of Health Stroke Scale; TICI, thrombolysis in cerebral infarction.