Table 4

Adjusted ORs for a one-point shift in mRS at follow-up with predictor variables of SBP SD, CV and SV; stratified by lesion core volume, hypoperfused volume, mismatch volume, Target Mismatch status, proximal vessel occlusion on admission and collateral score

BPV indicesOR*95% CIp ValueBPV indicesOR*95% CIp Value
Target Mismatch (n=57)No Target Mismatch (n=53)
 SBP SD1.940.63 to 6.020.250 SBP SD6.611.40 to 31.10.017
 SBP CV2.390.45 to 12.70.305 SBP CV5.320.70 to 40.10.105
 SBP SV2.560.81 to 8.090.109 SBP SV5.961.20 to 29.60.029
Proximal vessel occlusion (n=58)No proximal occlusion (n=52)
 SBP SD5.381.44 to 20.20.013 SBP SD1.630.53 to 5.030.398
 SBP CV8.141.19 to 55.50.032 SBP CV1.490.35 to 6.250.588
 SBP SV3.471.05 to 11.40.041 SBP SV3.550.91 to 13.80.068
Good collaterals (n=60)Bad collaterals (n=50)
 SBP SD5.781.23 to 27.20.027 SBP SD1.850.60 to 5.740.289
 SBP CV8.601.02 to 72.50.048 SBP CV1.510.26 to 8.830.650
 SBP SV3.821.15 to 12.70.029 SBP SV2.090.58 to 7.470.258
  • *Adjusted for admission NIHSS, patient sex, tPA administration, symptomatic intracranial haemorrhage and admission glucose value.

  • BPV, blood pressure variability; CV, coefficient of variation; mRS, modified Rankin Scale; NIHSS, National Institutes of Health Stroke Scale; SBP, systolic blood pressure; SV, successive variation; tPA, tissue plasminogen activator.